banda sonora deste fim-de-semana: Islet- we shall visit, A bear on his own

We shal Visit A bear on his own  

Vale a pena ouvir: Ceremonials

Pelos Florence and the Machine: 5 * What the Water Gave me: álbum: Ceremonials Deluxe Edition 1. Only If For A Night 2. Shake It Out 3. What The Water Gave Me 4. Never Let Me Go 5. Breaking Down 6. Lover To Lover 7. No Light, No Light 8. Seven Devils 9. Heartlines 10.... Continue Reading →

Vale a pena ouvir: Metals

The Bad in Each Other Graveyard Caught a Long Wind How Come You Never Go There A Commotion the circled married the line Bittersweet Melodies Anti-Pioneer The Undiscovered First Cicadas and Gulls Comfort Me Get It Wrong Get It Right Woe be Artista: Feist

vale a pena ouvir: Nameless Path

Adoro a voz do Marcus Foster... música: Memory of your arms álbum: Nameless Path

Vale a pena ouvir: Leave no trace

Artista: Fool's Gold Álbum: Leave no trace Single: Wild Window Tracklist: 01 The Dive 02 Wild Window 03 Street Clothes 04 Leave No Trace 05 Balmy 06 Narrow Sun 07 Tel Aviv 08 Mammal 09 Bark & Bite 10 Lantern

Vale a pena ouvir: Rome

Álbum Rome (2011) por Danger Mouse, Danielle Luppi, Norah Jones e Jack white

Vale a pena ouvir: Euphoric///Heartbreak\\\

Artista: Glasvegas single: Take my hand álbum: Euphoric///Heartbreak\\\ 'Pain Pain, Never Again' 'The World Is Yours' 'You' 'Shine Like Stars' 'Whatever Hurts You Through The Night' 'Stronger Than Dirt (Homosexuality pt.2)' 'Dream Dream Dreaming' 'I Feel Wrong (Homosexuality pt.1)' 'Euphoria, Take My Hand' 'Lots Sometimes' 'Change'

Vale a pena ouvir: What did you expect from the Vaccines?

Artista: The Vaccines álbum: What did you expect from the vaccines ‘Wreckin’ Bar’ ‘If You Wanna’ ‘A Lack Of Understanding’ ‘Blow It Up’ ‘Westsuit’ ‘Nørgaard’ ‘Post Break-Up Sex’ ‘Under Your Thumb’ ‘All In White’ ‘Wolf Pack’ ‘Family Friend’ A lack of understanding: It's only been a year But it feels like a lifetime here How's... Continue Reading →

Vale a pena ouvir- Burn your town

The Chapman Family Álbum:Burn your town 01. A Certain Degree 02. All Fall 03. Anxiety 04. Sound Of The Radio 05. 1000 Lies 06. She Didn’t Know 07. Something I Can’t Get Out 08. Kids 09. A Million Dollars 10. Virgins Myspace


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