5 Signs You’re Incapable Of Casual Dating

Thought Catalog

Dating is difficult. Casual dating can be even more so. It’s meant to be fun and free of commitment. But you’ve tried it. A lot. And, for one reason or another, you can’t quite seem to get the hang of it. You end up falling hard for someone, feelings get hurt, and you wonder why you thought this whole casual thing would ever work in the first place. You may be incapable of casual dating, but that only means you care.

1. You love hard.

You always have. Your family, your friends, your dog. You either love or you don’t, but when you do, it’s always 110%. There’s no middle ground, no middle-of-the-spectrum, halfass-bullshit love. When you’ve decided someone is worth your love, you’re firm in what loving hard entails. You’re supportive, you’re available, you genuinely care, you’re considerate; essentially, you’re ride or die. You hand-make cards, you celebrate one-month…

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