9 Things About Yourself You Need To Openly Admit To Your Partner To Have A Happy Relationship

muitíssimo importante para todos os casais ❤
9 coisas que deves saber e admitir ao teu amor para terem uma relação feliz

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When you’re getting serious with someone, there are certain things you need to know about them—partially to assess compatibility, and partially because communication, openness and trust are foundations of a healthy relationship. Sometimes, couples avoid these hot-button topics, or keep secret something they think their new partner won’t like.

Don’t worry. The major differences you end up finding between the two of you need not be deal breakers.

Plenty of couples make it work, despite divergent views on politics, money and social issues. But talking about these issues can strengthen and deepen your relationship—or make you realize you don’t want to commit to this person after all. 

1. Financial status.

Is one of you in debt? Are you super-good at saving money? Does either of you have an IRA or 401K, and how often do you contribute?

This won’t matter so much at the beginning of your relationship…

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