Vale a pena ouvir: In memory of loss

Artista: Nathaniel Rateliff –

Álbum: In memory of Loss

1. Once in a Great While
2. Early Spring Till
3. We Never Win
4. Brakeman
5. Longing and Losing
6. Oil & Lavender
7. Shroud
8. You Should’ve Seen the Other Guy
9. Whimper and Wail
10. Boil & Fight
11. When We Could
12. A Lamb on the Stone
13. When You’re Here
14. Happy Just to Be


I’m looking more like my mother
I was so staggering waiting for you
I was so sure in my belly bending knees, and nobody cared for more
It does no good to talk about anything
It does no good to tell you I’m a wounded fiend
It’s not the things we discover, it’s in the way we try to cover with ground
I’m not a flat-fingered dollar I was so sure and never right
I was a tongue that’s telling you that somebody else’s trying

And I got no feeling about it at all
In this old season of doubt and love
And I got no reason to bury it here

I could go backwards forever
I could be boxed inside
And living without, well don’t blow my cover
It’s taken years to make a beautiful shroud
I got no use in talking about anything
And I could tell you it seems to be so hard to me
It does no good to talk about anything.
Aaaaaaaaaaa-ooooooooo (6x)


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