Desejos: Nikon D90

Depois de semanas e semanas a pesquisar sobre a Canon EOS 550D e a Nikon D90, cheguei à conclusão de que a melhor camera é mesmo a Nikon D90

A qualidade das imagens, os menus é perfeita para quem, como eu, não percebe nada de fotografia, mas quer uma máquina de jeito para tirar fotografias de cortar a respiração. A Nikon D90 será o meu começo na fotografia amadora.


    12.3 megapixel DX format CMOS image sensor lets you capture outstandingly detailed images and produce stunningly sharp enlargements. Built-in self-cleaning sensor unit minimizes the effect of dust.

    EXPEED image processing system for optimum performance and maximum image quality.

    High ISO (200-3200) light sensitivity, extendable up to ISO 6400 (equivalent) and down to ISO 100 (equivalent). Enables faster shutter speeds, significantly reducing the risk of blurred images when you shoot fast-moving subjects or take pictures in low light.

    Active D-Lighting retains details in highlights and shadows for stunning images with natural contrast. It can be activated manually or automatically and features four levels, including Extra High.

    Picture Controls let you customize the look and mood of your images. Choose from six settings: Standard, Vivid, Neutral, Monochrome, Portrait and Landscape.

    Scene Recognition System with Face Detection System combines data from the camera’s metering and AF sensors to deliver precise exposures and sharply-defined images, and recognizes human faces for portraits or group shots with natural-looking skin tones.

    Advanced autofocus performance with versatile Multi-CAM100 11-point AF system offers fast and precise autofocus coverage across the frame. AF-area modes handle most shooting situations and include 3D-tracking AF, which lets you adjust the composition of an image after focusing on your subject.

    Live View mode with Autofocus makes it easy to compose images using the LCD monitor. Three AF modes are supported: Face priority AF for portraits (detects up to 5 faces in a frame), Wide area AF for handheld shots and Normal area AF for shots with a tripod.

    Innovative D-Movie function lets you shoot Motion JPEG format movies*. The camera’s large image sensor (compared to that of a typical consumer camcorder) and high ISO sensitivity offer exceptional image quality. Bring photographic techniques to movie making using the wide range of NIKKOR interchangeable lenses, from fisheye to wide-angle to super-telephoto, and even extreme close-up with Micro NIKKOR lenses.

    3-inch, 920k-dot, high-resolution LCD monitor with 170-degree viewing angle makes it easy to use the Live View function.

    Advanced Scene Modes automatically optimize camera settings, including Picture Controls and active D-Lighting, for popular photographic styles, effects and locations. Choose from Portrait, Landscape, Close-up, Sports or Night Portrait.

    Bright pentaprism viewfinder with 96% frame coverage and 19.5mm eye point for precise composition.

    Quick response: with approximately 0.15-second start-up time, 65-millisecond shutter release time lag and 4.5 frames per second**.

    Extensive Retouch Menu offering a range of photo effects, including Fisheye, Distortion Control and Straighten. The original image stays intact and the camera quickly and simply creates a duplicate image for you to edit and enhance in the camera.

    Extensive playback functions including Pictmotion built-in slideshow, a 72-frame thumbnail display, calendar playback and a histogram display that offers histograms of magnified sections of an image.

    Para ler a crítica que me fez mudar de ideias ir a digital review Canada. E sim… eu li o artigo todo.


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