lincoln has the jazz

O meu primeiro artigo sobre musica num jornal. the linc  saiu a 24 de outubro de 2008

Lincoln has the jazz

by Angela Lopes

When associating alternative types of music with Lincoln, what kind of music instantly springs to mind? If you automatically think of jazz, where can you listen to it? What kind of jazz bands do we have in Lincoln? Where do we have quality music played in the city at a reasonable price?

picture by Sam Cox

In the past seven years the jazz scene has had an enormous growth in this city. Before, any jazz gig wouldn’t be attended by any more than 18 to 30 people; but this has all changed.

Now, jazz lovers have more venues to chose from along with great bands coming to Lincoln to play on a regular basis. The jazz lovers, or even anyone with a love for music, can now go to the Lincoln Drill Hall, Terry O’Toole Theatre and the Hub in Sleaford.

This autumn, Lincoln Drill Hall has a good selection of almost weekly concerts with a vast range of different types of jazz, like Alec Dankworth’s Spanish accents with Latino flavour, the Two Martins (a duo of guitarists with a mix of jazz and folk), and Dave Stapleton Quintet.

Dave Stapleton Quintet is one of the bands to have played in Lincoln most recently, having gigged at the Lincoln Drill Hall on October 4th. Jazzwise recently said that the band leader “is a real find for British jazz…a young musician of real maturity and vision…it’s the breadth of his talent that’s most encouraging”. The Linc met the band between sound checks for a cup of tea when they told us about their story and what they think the local government can do to help the jazz scene.

The band hails mostly from Cardiff. They got together back in 2004, and started to play. They found there was an instant chemistry between them, and decided to form a group resulting in two albums.

The first, called When Life Was in Black & White (2005), features the jazz legend Paul Dunmall on the track Lazy Blinker. The second album, just released on October 6th, is called The House Always Wins and won much praise from the national music press.

Their music is a mix of folk, classical and jazz. The band says it is influenced by Keith Tippet, with Dave Stapleton Joshua Redman (saxophone) taking inspiration from his music. Dave says “He was the first guy that I have ever listened to”.

Elliot Bennett (drums) thinks that “It’s part of the Government’s job to promote, educate and to teach them what jazz is all about”. During their concert at Lincoln Drill Hall they played a blend of music from their two albums. Tracks like ‘Images’, ‘Dedication Song’ and ‘The House Always Wins’ were well received by the audience.
Graham Maylan, the treasury manager of New Jazz 5 and one of the founders, said “The audience is growing. Lincoln is a more vibrant city since the University started, and will only get better.

Jazz can be a strange genre of music, but is extremely accessible for everyone. You just need to approach it with an open mind and you will be hooked from the first note.



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